Born in London but now living in County Cork, Ireland
I have always enjoyed drawing and painting since I was a small boy and creativity is in my blood as my father was a draughtsman by trade and I can also recall being encouraged by my mother to both draw and play around with paint from a very early age as the picture above aged 3 testifies!
Wings ....... The Royal Air Force, Exhibition Production Flight & the Guild Of Aviation Artists
On leaving school in 1973 I joined the Royal Air Force, in an air defence radar role, aeroplanes being another passion inherited from my father who held a pilot’s licence at that time. The R.A.F. strongly encouraged my hobby of aviation art to the point that I became the youngest associate member of the guild of aviation artists, several aviation subject commissions followed, my last posting being to the Exhibition Production Flight, RAF Hendon,  producing scale models, dioramas and artwork for recruiting purposes!
Whilst I love researching the historical and detailed technical aspects that aviation art demands, I started to experiment with the creative freedom of abstract art, when the need arose to fill some spaces with art on our own walls.  I am very aware abstract art is not too everyone’s taste, so I try to be just a bit different in my approach, often adding materials such as foam or aluminium sheet, card, plaster and high gloss resins to my art works.
In 2015, we relocated to Co Cork, Ireland and inspired by the beautiful scenery of rural Ireland I started painting the local landscape scenes in Oils, Acrylic and more recently Gouache mediums 
Hope you enjoy my work, and I am always more than happy to accept commissions, landscape, abstract, aviation or otherwise
Best Regards
Paul Mason "abstractwings"